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1-A Block P, Gulberg II , Lahore, Pakistan
Detailed Information

Generation was envisioned in 1983 by a husband-wife duo, Saad and Nosheen Rahman, as a solution to the growing demand for affordable fashion by the urban Pakistani woman. Today this family’s ideology has culminated into a leading ready-to-wear womenswear brand that provides fresh products to their stores a few times each week with no repetition in design.

The Generation Woman has since become an iconic symbol that holds this vision together, a woman who celebrates her family’s tradition with a permanent undertone of innovation and creativity.

The Generation Story begins from a family and moves forward with the concept of building upon this family, whether it is customers, workers, students or so on. Each type of line is a further personification of her various faces, they represent her in different timeframes and moods. Festive, casual, young, demure.