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Heritage Luxury Suites

100-C2, Gulberg III, Lahore – Pakistan , Lahore,54660, Pakistan
Detailed Information
The Moor – Heritage Luxury Suites meets all international environmental standards. To ensure efficient use of energy, LED lights are installed throughout the building.
A public park facing the building has also been adopted and maintained.
Numerous initiatives have been undertaken to develop the property according to environmental benchmarks starting from a thorough survey that was conducted before construction. The Moor is equipped with a 125 feet deep well that was laid especially to harvest rain water from solid surfaces in order to route it back to the subsoil water reserves to prevent wastage. All corridor lighting, and wherever possible, LED lights are used to make more efficient use of energy. Efficient energy planning has also been a key factor in planning the stand-by electricity generation capacity.
The public park facing the building has also been adopted by The Moor. Accordingly, its upkeep and maintenance is now the responsibility of the Management. This park has been redesigned and furnished with fountains, ornamental plants, ambient lighting and protective fencing. Placement of benches and rides for young persons add to the feel of a private garden. A walking track has also been added for the benefit of guests who want to enjoy the outdoors without having to leave the vicinity of their convenience.