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Johnny & Jugnu

Lahore, Pakistan
Detailed Information
Once upon a time a visionary bunch of friends had a dream. A dream to make the yummiest fast food joint in town. But not just any fast food joint.
Not at all! This was going to be the ‘Sauciest’ place you have ever been to. (Not kidding)
These brothers rummaged through ancient recipes; experimented some quirky combinations; travelled to parts of the country only few have heard of; and eventually locked themselves up for months, swearing to not come out until they created the ‘Greatest Sauce Ever’.
Unfortunately for them, they’re also an opinionated bunch so they couldn’t exactly agree on what the ‘Greatest Sauce Ever’ was supposed to taste like.
But lucky for us negotiating was not their strong suit.
Which is why today there exists Johnny & Jugnu; home to burgers, wraps and the top 6 contenders for the ‘Greatest Sauce Ever’.
(plus a crazy bunch who dared to dream)
Many have come before and many have failed, but one thing these guys have figured out is …… it starts with the sauce.